Welcome and thank you for visiting Bob Hills Photographics.  We hope you enjoy the images presented here.  There are two categories of artwork: 1) A "Portfolio" is a photographic study with cohesive theme, style and presentation, while 2) "Galleries" are simply a collection of images under a common topic or photographic processing style.  We try to update the site with new subject matter as time permits. Please 'Like' our Facebook page to see Bob's latest images.
When asked, I describe myself as one part recovering high tech executive and one part starving artist.  The bulk of my primary career was working in the high-tech industry for Hewlett-Packard and Intel.  While I enjoyed it at the time, I'm finding my second career in photography much more rewarding.  As for the 'starving artist' - my physique will tell you otherwise. However, if I had to base my entire living expenses on being a photographer, I'm sure I wouldn't be eating as well.
You could say that I was forced to love photography when I went to work for Eastman Kodak right out of college. I took all the classes that Kodak offered on capturing, processing and printing images. I even took advanced optics courses at nearby University of Rochester. However, my true love for photography laid dormant as I pursued my career in high technology. As luck may have it, I took a European work assignment for Hewlett-Packard in the mid-1980's.  While living there, photography became a serious hobby as I documented family travel and our cultural experiences.  When I shared my work with extended family and friends, they encouraged me to shoot more. Soon thereafter, the digital photography revolution played well into my high-tech background which further inspired me to advance my photographic and post-processing skills. As I entered my second career, I focused on landscapes and wildlife due to my interest in our national and state parks.  In time, my interest broadened to include athletes in action, astro-landscapes, cityscapes, street photography, interesting human artifacts and various styles of photography and post processing. I produce and present digital artwork in many forms, but all originate from a photographic image - some images can be described as "photoshopography".
My wife and I have lived in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona and Germany.  My collection of images is most heavily centered on Arizona and the Rocky Mountains.  We currently reside in the Sonoran Desert just north of Tucson, Arizona.  
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