Challenge Your Creativity

This is the introduction to an article I cowrote with Tony Kuyper.  Tony is a fellow Tucson photographer and the author/developer of the TK Panel for Adobe Photoshop - a Photoshop Plug-In featuring luminosity masks and other useful actions.  The full article is located on Tony's blog at The Photo Series: Challenge your creativity Good Light Journal ( 
As photographers, many of us have websites with “galleries.”  The gallery is a useful tool to organize stand-alone images into a logical group or collection thereby enhancing the viewing experience.  Each can include a few images or several dozen.  Photo galleries typically originate when the photographer assembles similar images from their existing portfolio and, later, may expand the collection with new, fresh material.  
While we aim for each image to tell its own story, we know that one image isn’t always enough. More breadth is sometimes required, and thus more images, to provide the full story regarding our connection to the subject. This interest in creating a more comprehensive photographic narrative led me on an investigation of the “photo series” and to eventually discover its potential to make a stronger visual statement while also exploring new creative possibilities.
To read more about how a photo series enhances the viewing experience and see some wonderful examples, click on the full article -- The Photo Series: Challenge your creativity – Good Light Journal (
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